A simple way to design React interfaces

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Production Ready

Views is a simple programming language that compiles to production quality React DOM and React Native.

Super Productive

The Views workflow eliminates the need for mockups to be translated into CSS, HTML, and native code. Views lets designers tweak the interface with no extra dev work.


Components made in Views work seamlessly in React DOM and React Native projects with no extra refactoring.

Easy integration

You can test Views on a feature of your existing React project


Add Views

Views' Morpher is a regular non-runtime development dependency. The Morpher will compile and optimize .view files on the fly to React components. Use Views on a side feature or start project from scratch.

Add Views to my project

Make .view files

Views' intuitive composition model helps product teams easily reason about the complexities of application interfaces, change colours, fonts, add and remove components. Views syntax is greatly simplified, and with Views Tools writing code is not required. Designers can progress at their own pace and up-skill on the job.

Start composing

Add .logic files

Logic files are regular JavaScript. Import the View file and any other NPM package, or your own React component. Connect Views in flows, fetch data, and manage state.

Control flows and data

Check out the Views demo app. It features service integration, custom logic, animations, and state management

Views Pilots

Apps currently in production have over 50 million users

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